Express Transaction Process for a Waste Discharge Authorization

This process is for waste discharge applications involving simple registrations and notification processes, or minor administrative amendments to existing authorizations such as: name and address changes, transfers, and cancellation of air and effluent permits. Applications can be submitted electronically by sending a completed registration form to

Applicants are responsible for following specific regulations and codes of practice. It’s the applicant’s responsibility to have an authorization before discharging any waste to the environment. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to notify the ministry when there has been a change to information provided in the issued authorization.

Process Description

The process has three phases:





  • All incoming application types are sorted by transaction type (Express or Routine)
  • Incomplete applications are returned to the applicant
  • Complete applications are entered and tracked in the ministry’s database


  • Application is reviewed to ensure a more detailed review is not necessary
  • Applications are processed if they are complete and contain no exceptions (e.g. substituted requirement)


  • Data entry of technical information
  • Confirmation of acceptance of registration, authorization amendment or cancellation of registration or permit is sent to the client

Download a detailed process description for Express Transactions (PDF).


The target for processing is 4 to 8 weeks from the date a complete application passes the Intake Phase.

How To

Before starting an application, take some time to understand how authorizations are obtained and what information must be submitted.

Where registration is required by a code of practice or regulation:

  1. Review the applicable laws governing the discharge to the environment.
  2. Complete the appropriate form, available on the Guidance, Forms & Fees page, with all requested information.
  3. Submit the necessary forms and information by email to:
  4. Submit the application fee in accordance with the instructions on the application form.
  5. Make sure additional information, where required, is included with the application submission package.
  6. There is a file size limit of 50MB. For documents larger than 50MB please submit via multiple emails. Please number the emails in the subject line (e.g. Email 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5….etc.)


  • Compliance with other acts and/or regulations, and permission from other agencies, may be necessary to discharge or to operate for any given facility.
  • The Spill Reporting Regulation, Hazardous Waste Regulation and Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation apply to many operations. In addition to the registration process, dischargers are advised to be familiar with and adhere to the requirements of these regulations.
  • It is a discharger’s responsibility to understand their legal obligations and to act in accordance with these at all times.

Accepted New Registration:

The registrant will receive acknowledgement of the accepted registration and will be provided with a unique registration number if all information is complete. For some regulations, annual fees will apply for the privilege of discharging. Government may inspect the facility and discharge for compliance with the Environmental Management Act and regulations.

Incomplete New Registration:

If the registration information is incomplete, it will be returned and the person, company, or facility will not be registered. An applicant may re-apply any time by providing all required information and plans, including a new application fee.

Without a complete registration, the person, company, or facility does not have authorization to discharge under the pertinent regulation.

For information related to amending or cancelling an authorization, including name, address and location changes, refer to the Make Changes to an Authorization page.