Brian Grant Award

The Ministry of Environment, the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) and the British Columbia Chapter of Solid Waste Association of North America (BC Chapter SWANA) have established a posthumous award to recognize the work of Brian Grant in advancing solid waste management in British Columbia. 

Brian Grant, a long-time employee of the Ministry of Environment, was instrumental in introducing and advancing solid waste management planning and extended producer responsibility in British Columbia. Through the work of Brian and others, B.C. is now recognized as one of the leaders in the implementation of product stewardship in North America.


The Brian Grant Award is for $1,500. Eligible students must be currently enrolled in a full-time college or university program and have completed at least one undergraduate year in environmental science, engineering, or other suitable major related to the field of solid waste management, industry product stewardship or recycling.

Application Form, Instructions and Guidelines