Recycling Regulation

The Recycling Regulation, under authority of the Environmental Management Act, sets out the requirements for extended producer responsibility (EPR) in B.C. Producers of designated products may appoint a stewardship agency to carry out their duties in accordance with an approved plan.

About the Regulation

The Recycling Regulation, under the authority of the Environmental Management Act, provides a single results-based framework that provides producers with the flexibility to design EPR programs that work best for their businesses.

EPR is a management system based on industry and consumers taking life-cycle responsibility for the products they produce and use. In B.C., producers of regulated products are required to manage industry-led EPR programs that include collection and recycling. By regulating industry EPR, the provincial government has moved away from government-managed and taxpayer-financed waste management programs. The product categories are broad and can include a large number of varied products. For example, the Electronic and Electrical Product Category includes diverse items, such as computers, small appliances, power tools, cell phones, batteries and light bulbs.

Previous Recycling Regulation Review

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