Vehicle Dismantlers and Recyclers

A person who operates or plans to operate a facility that dismantles more than five wet vehicles in a calendar year is required to register their operation with the Ministry of Environment.

A wet vehicle means a motor vehicle that is no longer used for transportation purposes, and has not been reduced to a steel hulk or to a steel hulk with only the plastic fabric or foam components still attached.

There is no registration fee and no annual fee.


Fill out the registration form, and then send a saved copy by e-mail, or print the completed form and send via registered mail or courier using the appropriate address below.

Registered Mailing Address:

Environmental Management Branch
PO Box 9377 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9M1

Courier Address:

Environmental Management Branch
2975 Jutland Road
Victoria BC V8T 5J9

If you are having problems accessing the form, please contact the Environmental Protection Division to obtain a copy: