Oil, Gas & LNG Environmental Management

The regulated waste discharges from the oil and gas industry are typically in the form of liquid effluent, solid waste and air emissions. The regulations set limits on environmental quality parameters (ex. nitrogen oxide emissions), as well as provide details on the registration process, applicable fees, and offences for non-compliance.

The Oil & Gas Commission issues permits for oil and gas activities within the province, such as construction of facilities and discharges to the environment, and administers the Oil and Gas Waste Regulation.

The Ministry of Environment issues permits for discharges to the environment from federal facilities, and the oil & gas service sector.

Regulations and Codes

Oil & Gas Waste Regulation

This regulation applies to small to medium volume discharges from the oil and gas industry's drilling and production activities. The regulation authorizes some very small discharges unconditionally, and sets out discharge and registration requirements for others. Permits or approvals are still required for large facilities.