Historical Information for Aquaculture

Salmon Aquaculture Environmental Monitoring Data Report, March 2007:

Please Note: the above reports are the title pages and abstracts only. Copies of the full reports may be obtained by contacting the  regional office in Nanaimo by phone at (250) 751-3100.

Scientific Advisory Group (SAG)

Prior to December 2010, the Ministry of Environment had authority for regulating marine aquaculture, and was reviewing the Aquaculture Waste Control Regulation. A Scientific Advisory Group was asked to advise the Ministry on development of a revised Aquaculture Waste Control Regulation:

  1. Review and submit comments on the methods of analysis applied to the monitoring data provided through the Interim Monitoring Program and the Focused Study — to measure the relationship between physical and chemical parameters and the biological response.
  2. Review and submit comments and recommendations to WLAP on the performance-based standards and monitoring protocols in the draft regulation.
  3. Provide comments on the data requirements for enforcement, and for review of the regulation in three years, to facilitate future possible amendments.
  4. Review stakeholder comments obtained by WLAP through consultation, and provide advice on the validity of these comments.
  5. Provide comments on the final draft regulation.

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