Agricultural Boilers

All boilers or heaters being used for agricultural purposes (e.g. greenhouses) must be registered. Details about registering can be found under the heading Express Transactions on the Guidance, Forms & Fees page for Waste Discharge Authorizations.

Determine Boiler Output Capacity

Find boiler capacity information on the boiler nameplate (i.e. the metal tag attached to the boiler) or request it from the boiler manufacturer. Only report boilers that are, or will be, in operating condition and are required for the heating season.
Capacity values need to be reported in megawatts (MW) for registration. If boiler capacity is not in MW please use the following formulas for conversion to MW.

Simply insert the capacity measurement for your boiler next to the matching unit and multiply by the number indicated to convert to MW.

  • ________  GJ/hr X 0.2778  =  ________MW
  • ________  MMBTU/hr X 0.2931  =  ________MW
  • ________  Boiler BHP X 0.009803  =  ________MW

The boiler plate indicates energy input of 400 BHP:

  • 400 BHP X 0.009803 = 3.9212 MW

Emissions Testing Methodology

In accordance with the Agricultural Waste Control regulation, all testing is to be performed as indicated in the B.C. Field Sampling Manual – PART B: Air and Air Emissions Testing (PDF)