Assessment of Compliance with Selected Sections of the Municipal Sewage Regulation of the Environmental Management Act

The findings in this report come from compliance assessments of 14 waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) registered under the Municipal Sewage Regulation (MSR) in the Lower Mainland Region.

The report finds that, overall, the vast majority (85%) of selected sections of the MSR are being complied with and there is no difference between publicly and privately operated WWTPs.

It also showed areas where compliance rates would improve by providing MSR registrants with additional information at the pre-registration meetings and by continuing to communicate with the registrants after start-up.

The study developed several recommendations which have or will be acted upon.

Below, you will find actions taken to date, or planned, to address the seven key recommendations from the above named report. The full report is available through the link below.

Recommendation 1

Staff in the Lower Mainland Region, with assistance from staff at headquarters and other regions, are developing guidance documents that can be reviewed with the registrants at the pre-registration meetings. The first two documents will address the MSR's security requirements and the monitoring and reporting requirements.

Recommendation 2

A follow-up project has been added to the Lower Mainland Region's 2005-06 Compliance Plan. This project will be a joint effort between compliance and environmental quality staff and will focus on improving the understanding and implementation of receiving environment monitoring plans.

Recommendation 3

Ministry staff are now recording milestone dates for the various registrations. Automatic reminders are generated to prompt staff to complete the necessary follow-up with registrants.

Recommendation 4

The ministry currently has a significant amount of legislation that is being reviewed and amended. The recommended changes to the MSR are being tracked as it is expected that a comprehensive review will occur within the next three years.

Recommendation 5

Ministry staff will arrange a meeting with Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) officials to resolve the discrepancy between the MSR and EOCP in the way treatment works, specifically septic tank to ground, are classified.

Recommendation 6

Same as recommendation 4.

Recommendation 7

Same as recommendation 4.