Short-term Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities

The findings presented in this report are based on the results of a compliance assessment conducted between June and November 2006 of hazardous waste storage facilities in the Lower Mainland Region.

Forty-one facilities were inspected during the assessment, and results indicate there is a low level of compliance with requirements of the Hazardous Waste Regulation (HWR) for hazardous waste storage. Level of risk associated with non-compliance was also evaluated, and of the 41 facilities inspected, 17 were classified low risk, 20 were classified medium risk, and 4 were classified high risk. Following implementation of this assessment, the Ministry issued 30 advisory letters, 11 warning letters, and one Pollution Prevention Order. The Ministry has also conducted a total of 24 follow-up inspections, which have resulted in issuance of 9 tickets for violations under the Environmental Management Act.

The Ministry continues to implement its Compliance and Enforcement Policy to ensure that all hazardous waste facilities, including those evaluated during this compliance assessment, achieve a level of compliance that is protective of human health, public safety, and the environment. The Ministry is also working with the British Columbia Environmental Industry Association to develop information materials on regulatory requirements under the HWR and to promote compliance with these requirements for all hazardous waste facilities operating in British Columbia.