EMS Web Reporting (EMS WR)

The Environmental Monitoring System Web Reporting tool (EMS WR) provides read only access to data in the Environmental Monitoring System (EMS).

What Is EMS WR?

EMS WR is an internet application that allows users to access information stored in the EMS database. The database is essentially an electronic information warehouse that includes:

  • Physical, chemical, and biological test results for analyses performed on air, water, solid waste discharge, and ambient monitoring locations throughout B.C. 

EMS WR allows you to find and retrieve information stored in the database. EMS is the province's electronic database for environmental monitoring data.

EMS WR is an enhancement to EMS that provides users with internet-based access to data.

EMS WR allows you to: 

  • Download customized reports from the EMS database to your computer as .csv (comma-separated values) files
  • Download the predefined reports as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files for viewing and printing.
  • View or print graphs within your browser