Understanding the EMS WR User Interface

Mandatory Fields

Some EMS WR screens contain mandatory fields and drop-down lists clearly labeled with bold red text:

Fields can be in a variety of formats, not limited to:

  • Drop Down Lists
  • Date/Times

If you do not enter the proper information into these fields, the website will give you an error and prompt you to enter in the information.

Multi Selection Lists

Multi selection lists allow you to choose information to enter into fields. For example, you can use a multi selection list to enter office codes into an Office field. 

You can access these lists by clicking on the row of dots (...) — called a multi selection symbol in EMS WR — to the right of many fields:

In this case, clicking on the multi selection symbol leads to the Parameter Multi Selection page, which includes the multi selection list

By following these steps, you can select one or more list items you want to include in the Parameter field. To select:

  • A Single Item: click on it
  • A block of sequential items: click on the first item, press and hold shift. Click on the last item, it should select all
  • Multiple individual items: hold down Ctrl and click the desired items
  • Use the scroll bar to view additional items
  • When finished, the parameter window will look similar to this:

The Enter Key

Avoid hitting enter after typing information into fields. This can lead to unintended behaviour of the application screens. Instead, carry out actions by clicking a the appropriate EMS WR buttons, for example, retrieve.

The Tab Key

Use the tab function to move between fields. In some cases entering data into a field and pressing tab will force the application to convert the information into a format that the server will accept.While not required it does help in some cases, so it is a good practice to use the tab function.

Date & Time Format

EMS WR has many date fields. Some of these fields are mandatory and must be filled out to search the EMS database. Fields requiring date and time (24-hour clock) must be in this format: 

  • yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm

Users can simplify the date and time entry by leaving out:

  • The time: if it is not important as the system will default to 00:00 or 12:00am
  • Separators between years, months, days, and hours, for example 199811240752

Fields requiring only the date must be in this format: 

  • yyyy-mm-dd

These examples illustrate how to format regular dates and times for EMS WR:

  • 1995-03-12 15:15
  • 1998-11-24 07:52

Entering the date in the fields will reformat the date to fit the correct format when leaving the field by clicking out, or using the tab key.

Browser & EMS WR navigation buttons

Browser navigation buttons are not part of EMS WR and should generally not be used to move around. Using the browser navigation buttons to change screens is likely to cause system errors.

If this occurs, use the EMS WR navigation buttons to move to the desired page.

Browser Status Bar

The browser status bar tells you whether the system is performing a task. Some information requests can take a long time to process. In general, you should wait until the system completes an action before clicking any navigation buttons or menu bar links.

If you click buttons or links before the status bar is complete, the system will interpret this as a new command and stop the first request. For example, if you click the graph button before a graph is finished, the system treats the latest click as a new request and restarts the processing from the beginning.