Contact The Help Desk

Before You Call

Please review the user interface guidelines, application specific instructions, and predefined reports and graphs pages. There are lots of instructions within the pages, and you may find the answers you are looking for faster than contacting the help desk for assistance.

If possible, try to reproduce the problem (this helps determine whether the problem is isolated).

Note the exact sequence of events that led to the problem, and any error messages you encountered. The help desk will need this information to assess your problem.

Upgrade To Latest Software

If you are having problems with using these websites, or are noticing some errors in the way your computer is handling these applications, there is a good chance that you should update your software to the latest version. Ensure that you have the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Contact The Help Desk

E-mail the EMS Help Desk when on-screen and online help do not provide you with the information you need.