Glossary of EMS WR Terms

This page provides a list of terms that could require some additional knowledge which can greatly assist in your understanding of what EMS WR is and how it operates.

Term Explanation
Browser Navigation Buttons

These are buttons that users click on to move around web pages with their browser. These usually appear at the top of the screen and include commands such as back, forward, stop, and refresh (or reload).

It is generally not recommended to use these buttons to navigate within EMS WR as the browser rely's on data saved within the website in order to operate without errors.  Using the website's navigation buttons is less prone to errors.

.csv document

A .csv document is a comma-separated values text file. It contains information separated by commas and is readable in spreadsheet and database software such as Excel and Access. 

A .csv file might contain this information:

  • Lastname, Firstname, Age, Gender, Location 
  • Adams, Jane, 46, female, Victoria 
  • Doe, John, 32, male, Kamloops 
  • Jones, Sam, 13, male, Terrace 
  • Smith, Mary, 64, female, Vancouver
Dialogue Box A dialogue box appears on a computer screen to present information or request user input. Dialogue boxes are usually temporary, and disappear once you enter the requested information.
DW bacteriological report

A predefined report that summarized bacteriological results for drinking water samples.

There are many reports available.  This is only one example

EMS ID Alphanumeric identifier for an EMS monitoring location.
exceedance graph A type of graph showing how parameter results for a particular sample compare to the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.
monitoring location Geographical sites where samples are collected for environmental monitoring purposes. Each monitoring location is a discrete geographical point (or reach of a stream or river) defined in terms of latitude, longitude and elevation. 
parameter Name of a variable in a test for which a results are reported
trend graph A type of graph showing how selected parameter results have changed over time.