B.C. Mountain Goat and Wild Sheep Natal App

images of wild sheep and goats with ewes and lambs

The BC Wildlife Program is asking for your observations of Mountain Goat, Thinhorn Sheep and Bighorn Sheep from around B.C. Specifically, observations that record the location and presence of newborn kids and lambs, along with later observations of nanny/kid and ewe/lamb groups throughout the year.

The Provincial Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Natal App allows conservationists and members of the public to easily submit what they see. The data collected will be used to inform B.C.’s Regional Biologists when making important decisions around wild sheep and goat conservation as well as provide information on the effects of changing climates and other environmental and human pressures on the wild sheep and goat populations.

About the App and how to use it 

The Mountain Goat and Wild Sheep Natal App is web-based and smartphone supported just click on the link for the device you're using!

Smartphones:  https://arcg.is/1G8C5a

Computers: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/2ab1cea9c38848578c91a622db0e010b?portalUrl=https://governmentofbc.maps.arcgis.com

Use this app for all your mountain goat and wild sheep observations so data is collected consistently. The observations provided will allow the program to develop an index of observations and enable "citizen science" to inform important species management and land use decisions. 

The data collected through this app becomes more powerful with every record contributed, so thank you for your contributions! 

Troubleshooting the mobile app

Having trouble getting the app through the link above or getting asked for a login? Complete the following to address this issue:

  1. Download the Survey123 app from the app store for your phone.
  2. Copy and paste the app link (https://arcg.is/1G8C5a) into your phone’s web browser url line (not a search bar or a google search line).
  3. You will be asked:
    • Do you want to open this link in the Survey123 app? (select this option)
    • Do you want to download this from the app store? (do not select this option).
  4. When signing into the Survey 123 app you may be given the following sign-in options: 
    • Sign in with ArcGIS
    • Manage ArcGIS connections
    • Continue without signing in (select this option)
      • The app is designed to capture information anonymously, however for our purpose, we recognize that most users will not have an ArcGIS account. Please select the ‘Continue without signing in’ option to proceed to the survey app.