Bat Health

Bats tell us a lot about how common certain diseases are. They can carry many different pathogens, some of which can infect people. We need to monitor the general health of bats in B.C., and the diseases that they may be carrying.

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What if…

I find a bat?

  • Be careful not to touch a bat directly (wear gloves, use a shovel). There is always a risk of contracting rabies and other diseases from a bat.

I think a person might have been exposed to a bat?

I think a domestic animal might have been exposed to a bat?

  • Take the animal to the vet clinic to be assessed and vaccinated.

I want to have a bat tested for rabies or other diseases?

  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) can test any bat that has or that could have infected a human or a domestic animal. You can ship a bat to the CFIA through the local veterinarian or through the B.C. Wildlife Health Program. 
  • Any bats found dead can be double-bagged, frozen and sent to the B.C. Wildlife Health Program, provided they are not known or suspected to have infected a human or domestic animal.