Wildlife Health

Healthy wild animal populations are of great importance to British Columbians. Animals contribute to healthy environments and healthy tourism and recreation economies. Wildlife diseases are a health risk to wild animals, domestic animals and humans they interact with.

B.C. Wildlife Health Program

The B.C. Wildlife Health Program aims to improve our understanding of factors affecting wild animal health in B.C., by monitoring diseases and parasites. These data are used to explore the effects of diseases and parasites upon animal populations over time, and to show how such changes relate to changes in the environment. Several diseases affecting wildlife, domestic animals, humans and the economy are prioritized for study.

B.C.’s Wildlife Health Program also

  • Cooperates with and advises the public, First Nations communities, interest groups, non-governmental agencies, other government agencies and researchers, at a local, national and international level, on issues related to wild animal care, wildlife conservation and the health effects from interactions among wildlife, domestic animals and humans.
  • Provides technical information, support and field assistance to communities, species at risk recovery programs, conservationists, hunters, trappers, and other wildlife professionals.