Report Sick or Dead Animals

To understand wildlife health, we need information about the diseases and parasites that occur in individuals and populations. If you see something unusual, please contact us.  Videos, written or oral descriptions, or photographs may help identify a health issue with a wild animal.

How to Report Wildlife Health Issues

General Information

Send us information about animals that you see sick or that have died:

  • See below for specific contact information on bird, amphibian, marine animals or dead wildlife on roads reporting
  • Use the email address or phone number shown on the right of this page to contact B.C.'s Wildlife Health Program

Wild Bird Mortality Investigation Protocol

The B.C. and Canadian wildlife agencies are working together to monitor bird health.

Project Frogwatch

Please report sick or dead frogs or other amphibians to Project Frogwatch

Report Dead/Injured Marine Mammals or Sea Turtles

To report injured or dead marine mammals (dolphins, porpoises, whales, seals, sea lions) or sea turtles, please visit the federal government's reporting page:

Report a marine mammal or sea turtle incident or sighting

Report Dead Wildlife on Roads

Wildlife that has been killed on roads should be reported through DriveBC's Report a Highway Problem