Partnership Agreement for the Conservation of the Southern Mountain Caribou

The B.C. government has partnered with the Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations and the federal government to achieve a historic agreement that strives to protect southern mountain caribou in the northeastern part of their range while considering the social and economic well-being of communities and stakeholders in the region. The partnership agreement, signed on February 21, 2020, reflects a collaborative approach to caribou conservation, which:

Arc Shapefiles & Google Earth KMLs for Draft Partnership Agreement Zones available on the FTP Site

Ongoing engagement with stakeholders has helped guide recovery efforts for the central group, including a Southern Mountain Caribou Central Group Partnership Leaders’ Table meeting held in November 2019 and a series of stakeholder committee meetings that were initiated in January 2020.

This Agreement sets out the parties Shared Recovery Objective of:

“immediately stabilizing and expeditiously growing the population of the Central Group to levels that are self-sustaining and support traditional aboriginal harvesting activities, consistent with existing Aboriginal and Treaty rights”.

In order to achieve this Shared Recovery Objective, the Agreement sets out a series of recovery measures, management zones and processes for developing regulatory measures to support the Shared Recovery Objective.

The Agreement also creates a Caribou Recovery Committee (CRC) that will be responsible for reviewing applications and arriving at a consensus recommendation on all applications within the Sustainable Resource Activity Areas of the Partnership Agreement.  The CRC will provide their consensus recommendations to decision-makers on whether the application contributes to the achievement of the Shared Recovery Objective and meets the criteria as laid out in Schedule 1 of the Partnership Agreement. 

The Partnership Agreement Caribou Recovery Committee Guidance to Proponents on Applications (PDF, 288KB) has been created to assist proponents in achieving the expectations set out in the Partnership Agreement and provides information on how an application can be submitted to the CRC and what information the Agreement specifies to support that application.