Conservation Framework Results

All species and ecosystems in B.C. have been run through the Conservation Framework tools, assigning conservation priorities and actions to each.

The Framework tools select appropriate actions depending on what is known about the species or ecosystem in question. Where information is lacking, inventory and monitoring may be required, along with detailed assessments to determine trends and threats. In some cases, basic scientific studies are needed.

If this detailed information already exists, the Framework recommends actions such as ecosystem and habitat protection, invasive species control, stewardship, population management, and planning processes.

Species & Ecosystems Output Spreadsheet

A basic list of outputs for species and ecosystems already assessed by the Conservation Framework generated from BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer.

BC Species and Ecosystem Explorer

Search for Conservation Framework outputs by a single species or ecosystem, or produce a list of species or ecosystems according to priority, action or other search criteria (e.g. distribution, conservation status, legal designation, ecosystem type).

Hectares BC

Generate a list of Conservation Framework priorities and actions for species and ecosystems in a specific location. The majority of information is based on priority species and ecological communities that have been ranked 1 through 3 – only some low priority species are included.