Setting Priorities for Conservation Action

B.C. has recognized the importance of setting priorities to guide conservation action since 2007, when the Conservation Framework was developed. Clear priorities for conservation action help coordinate actions of government agencies, partners, funding bodies and others, and ensure that limited resources are allocated in a way that will yield the best conservation outcomes.

B.C. is in the process of updating and refining our approach to setting priorities for conservation action by:

  • Investigating approaches to streamline the process for determining appropriate management actions, and to incorporate cost-benefit analysis into the process for prioritizing conservation actions
  • Testing regional-scale approaches to priority-setting used in other jurisdictions. Currently, a “threat-based” method from Australia is being piloted in the Kootenay – Boundary region

In the meantime, information about the Conservation Framework tools and the latest outputs (June 2010) are still available to support your conservation efforts: