Five-Year Plan for Species at Risk in B.C., 2013 - 2017

This Five-Year Plan, 2013-2017, outlined high-level strategic actions the province could take to improve management of species at risk while balancing the province’s economic, environmental and social priorities. 

Here is a summary of the activities carried out under the plan:

It's themes for success included:

  • Improve species conservation through management at the ecosystem and landscape scale;
  • Provide the best available information to support identification, management and recovery of species at risk;
  • Encourage British Columbians to embrace stewardship of species at risk across all lands;
  • Apply protection for species at risk consistently across all sectors;
  • Measure and report on government’s investments in species at risk. 

The Five-Year Plan reflected many of the recommendations provided by the B.C. Task Force on Species at Risk:

British Columbia is embarking on the next phase of species at risk protection - developing provincial endangered species legislation. The Species at Risk Five-Year Plan, and the many actions it enabled, will support the development of this important piece of legislation