Five-Year Plan for Species at Risk in B.C.

The five-year plan outlines high-level strategic actions the province plans to take to improve management of species at risk, while balancing the province’s economic, environmental and social priorities.

Themes for success of the five-year plan include:

  • Improve species conservation through management at the ecosystem and landscape scale
  • Provide the best available information to support identification, management and recovery of species at risk
  • Encourage British Columbians to embrace stewardship of species at risk across all lands
  • Apply protection for species at risk consistently across all sectors
  • Measure and report on government’s investments in species at risk

The Five-Year Plan reflects many of the recommendations provided by the B.C. Task Force on Species at Risk:

Implementing the Plan

B.C.'s Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations are responsible for coordinating and reporting on the plan, and are leading implementation of many actions – updates on activities and other plans will be available soon.

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