Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) Resources

A qualified environmental professional (QEP) is an applied scientist or technologist who is registered and in good standing  with an appropriate B.C. professional organization constituted under an Act. The QEP must be acting under that association’s code of ethics, and subject to the organization's disciplinary action.

A qualified environmental professional could be a professional Biologist, Agrologist, Forester, Geoscientist, Engineer, or Technologist.

Qualified environmental professionals can conduct assessments as individuals or together with other qualified environmental professionals. They must have an area of expertise that is recognized in the assessment methods as one that is acceptable for the purpose of providing all or part of an assessment report for the particular development proposal that is being assessed. They will only be considered a qualified environmental professional for that portion of the assessment that is within their area of expertise, as identified in the assessment methodology.

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