Reporting Formats for Fish Data Submission

Standard Reporting Formats

The standard reporting format for meeting data submission requirements is the Fish Data Submission Template

Fish Data Submission Template and QA Tool

The Fish Data Submission Template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is the standard tool for submitting through the Fish Data Submission Process.

The template satisfies the minimum data requirements for Scientific Fish Collection Permits and allows users to include additional habitat, sampling and individual fish information.

Provided with the package is the Fish Data Submission Self QA Tool, which is designed to verify the quality and completeness of the Fish Data Submission Template after it has been filled out. Although optional, the Self QA tool will help:

  • Provide clarity on required fields & formats
  • Improve the quality of the data submitted
  • Simplify the process of submitting & loading data

This package is subject to frequent updates. For every submission, download the latest version: