Instructions for Online Fish Data Submission

This online process allows you to submit fisheries field information for inclusion in B.C. Provincial databases and catalogues.

Before you begin, ensure that your fish data meets the mandatory data requirements.

Files must adhere to the standard reporting formats. Make sure your Fish Data Submission Template meets acceptable quality standards by using the provided QA Tool.

Please ensure you have included the Permit Number in your file name. i.e.  NA16-21344_data.xls, NASU06-21344_report.pdf etc.

The Online Fish Data Submission site is based on Microsoft SharePoint. You will need special permissions to access this site.

Browser Compatibility

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is the recommended web browser for access to the site. You may need to modify the IE browser settings:

You may experience difficulties if using other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari (Apple). Support is not provided for browsers other than IE.

Account Requirements

Provincial Government employees require an IDIR account to gain access.

Non-government employees without an IDIR must have a BCeID account to gain access:

There are three BCeID account types:

  • Business BCeID (recommended)
  • Personal BCeID (not accepted)
  • Basic BCeID (accepted)

When prompted to choose an Online Service to register with, select “Register without specifying an Online Service.” Choose your own username and password. For additional help with BCeID:

BCeID passwords expire every two years. It is important that you retain your password and security questions in order to reset your BCeID password.

Request Access

First time users or those with a new BCeID will need to request access to Online Fish Data Submission. Follow these instructions to request access:

  1. Visit the Online Fish Data Submission SharePoint site
  2. A sign-in box will prompt you to Connect to
  3. In the User Name box, type “bceid\” followed by your chosen username
    • The proper format looks like “bceid\username”
    • Make sure you are using a “\” (backslash), not “/” (forward slash)
  4. In the Password box, enter your chosen password
    • As a first time user, you will receive an Error Access Denied screen
  5. On the Error Access Denied screen, click the Request access link
  6. On the Request Access screen, click the Send Request button

Permission to access the Online Fish Data Submission site is not gained immediately. Requests are granted manually from Monday to Friday during business hours, Pacific Standard Time. If you provided your contact information to BCeID, you will be sent an email confirming your access.

If you have not received access within a reasonable time, or have further issues with access, contact the administrator at

After you have completed the steps to gain access, you may enter the SharePoint site:

 Log in to Submission Site 

If you are a non-government user, you will be prompted with a sign-in box when you return to the site. Use your BCeID username and password to sign in.

At the home page, you will be asked to:

  • Create a user profile that will be used for all future submissions
  • Submit basic project information
  • Attach reporting files along with any additional files

Help Documents

If you have followed the instructions but still have difficulty accessing the Online Fish Data Submission site, the following guides have been provided to assist you: