Fish Data Submission Process (FDS)

The Fish Data Submission (FDS) process ensures that collected data is entered into the Provincial Fish Database. It is also a way for non-permitted data to be submitted. The FDS process is required for Scientific Fish Collection Permit holders. 

To conduct fish and fish habitat sampling in B.C., an organization or individual must have a Scientific Fish Collection Permit. 

Anyone who has a Scientific Fish Collection Permit must report activity within 90 days of expiry. This includes reporting when there was no sampling conducted.

Data types collected include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Fish salvage
  • Forestry stream classification
  • General fish and fish habitat inventory

Non-permitted data is data that is not collected through a Scientific Fish Collection Permit. Examples of non-permitted data:

  • having historical data & information
  • having observational records new to a waterbody (reporting a new invasive species record for a waterbody)
  • completing non fish sampling surveys (habitat only surveys)

Contact if you have this type of data to submit

  1. Ensure project data meets provincial data requirements
  2. Review reporting formats, and use the FDS submission templates and self QA tool
  3. Submit your data