Integrated Pest Management Stakeholder Engagement

Proposed Changes to the IPM Regulation

The Integrated Pest Management Regulation (IPMR) is under review to update the requirements relating to aquaculture. This is in response to concerns expressed over the release of pesticides into the marine environment.

A Regulatory Proposal outlining the intended changes was posted in October 2018, and we sought comments from First Nations, industry and stake­holders until November 30, 2018.

Following the consultation period, we reviewed the submitted comments and developed a Final Policy Update paper based on the feedback. This paper describes the final intentions for amending the IPMR.

Managing Sea Lice with Pesticides

Sea lice infestations are one of the top issues facing the aquaculture industry worldwide. An infestation of sea lice can affect the survivability of very young salmon and, in severe cases, older stock. They also can present a risk of spread from farmed populations to wild salmon.

Aquaculture activities involving the use of pesticides to manage sea lice are regulated in B.C. under the IPMR. The regulation describes environmentally sound practices for using, storing and managing pesticides. The use of pesticides in a body of water requires a pesticide use permit issued under the IPMR.

Next Steps

Amendments to the IPMR are planned for September 2019. The regulatory changes are expected to come into effect after the IPMR is amended.

Outreach will be done throughout 2019 to communicate and support under­standing of the proposed changes. This will include development of materials explaining the amendments and presentations to affected parties.

Parties who expressed interest or submitted comments through the regulatory review consultation process will be notified of the proposed changes.

Thank you for your time and interest in the development of these proposed changes.