Pesticide Licences

You must have a pesticide licence to:

  • Sell pesticides (domestic, commercial or restricted)
  • Apply pesticides as a service or business
  • Use pesticides on a non-service basis (for example, you apply pesticides as part of your business on land that you own or manage)

Applying Pesticides

A pesticide applicator certificate is a mandatory requirement for receiving a pesticide licence.

Pesticide use may not proceed until a pest management plan (PMP) has been prepared and confirmed by the Ministry of Environment.

Follow-up notice to the Ministry is also required just before the first use of pesticide – at least 21 days before.

Licence & Certificate Conditions for the Use of Fumigant Gases

To ensure that fumigations are performed safely, according to pesticide labels and current standards, conditions are placed on fumigation certificates and pesticide licences.