Write the Exam

Candidates can arrange to write the B.C. certification exams at:

  • Many government agent offices
  • Some colleges inside and outside B.C.

When you have obtained the study materials and are prepared to write the exam, follow the exam instructions.

Exam Instructions

You may either:

Call 1-866-205-2102 (or 250 344-3406 in Golden) and register with Service BC over the phone using your VISA or MasterCard.

When you call you will need to provide the information requested on the application form (see below), along with your credit card number. When you apply by phone, you do not need to complete the form, it is for reference only. The fee for writing the examination is $90 and is non-refundable.

Your examination will be sent by e-mail to the examination supervisor at your chosen location. You should allow 2-3 business days before contacting the examination location to arrange to write the examination.


Complete the application form (see below) and send it, along with a cheque or money order for $90 made payable to the Minister of Finance to the address given on the form. Fees will not be accepted over-the-counter at the examination location. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Once your application form has been received, your examination will be e-mailed to the examination supervisor at the location you have indicated on the application form. You should allow 7-10 days from the time you mail in your application form before contacting the examination location to arrange to write the examination.

Out-of-province candidates can arrange to write the examination at a government or college office outside B.C. - ideally one concerned with pesticide management. Candidates must contact that office and determine who will supervise the examination. For more information, please contact Service BC at 250 344-3406.

Once you have the name of the examination supervisor, record their name, telephone number, address and e-mail address in the space provided on the out-of-province application form, and return to:

Administrator, Pesticide Examinations
Service BC
Golden, BC V0A 1H0

Alternatively, you can call 250 344-3406. Your examination will be e-mailed to the examination supervisor within 2-3 days of receipt of your application.

Note: All candidates are required to show valid government issued photo identification (e.g. driver's licence) before writing a certification examination.

Please make sure that you have obtained and studied the correct study kit for the certification category of the examination you wish to write. Also, if your kit was not purchased within three months of writing the examination, you should check that your study kit is the most recent version. Study kits are obtained from:

Distribution Centre - Victoria at:
4234 Glanford Avenue
Victoria, BC
Telephone: 250-952-4460 in Victoria
Toll free, long distance (within BC): 1-800-282-7955

At present, all examinations are Open Book. Candidates are responsible for bringing all the study kit materials and a non-programmable calculator to the examination location. All other electronic devices are prohibited. Time given to write an examination is between two and three hours, depending on the examination category.

Examination results will be mailed to candidates. Please note that a two-week time period is normally required for marking examinations and issuing results. Do not call for results unless a period of three weeks has passed since the exam was written. An examination score of 60% or better is required to obtain certification.

If an examination is not written within 60 days of being e-mailed to the examination supervisor, it will be returned to the Administrator, Pesticide Examinations, and the exam fee will be forfeited.

Certification Requirements

Examination Mark Certificate
75% and above 5 year certificate
60% - 74% 1 year certificate
59% and below please try again


Application form

Download the PDF application form below. It contains a list of the designated examination locations and all of the instructions provided on this page.

Download the Application Form