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Information for Homeowners and Residents

On December 15, 2015, the Ministry of Environment amended the Integrated Pest Management Regulation (IPMR) to further regulate the use and sale of pesticides. These amendments come into force on July 1, 2016.

The changes are intended to ensure that pesticides are used by people with knowledge and training and to promote the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the responsible use of pesticides.

Using Pesticides on Residential Landscapes

As of July 1, 2016, a pesticide user licence or certificate is required to apply most pesticides to private landscapes. This includes pesticide use on lawns, flower beds and ornamental trees and plants. There are a number of options available to residents who wish to apply pesticides to their private residential landscapes:

  • They can hire a licensed service provider (for more information on hiring a licenced company, please see the Managing Pests page).
  • They can choose an appropriate pesticide from the Schedule 2 - Excluded Pesticides list. See the Schedule 2 Guidance Factsheet (PDF) for more information.
  • They can choose an appropriate pesticide from the Schedule 5 list (pesticides that are safe for use by untrained people). See the Schedule 5 Guidance Factsheet (PDF) for more information.
  • Residents do not require a Residential Applicator Certificate for certain uses of Domestic class glyphosate. These include treating:
    • Plants that are poisonous for people to touch (e.g., poison ivy, poison oak);
    • Invasive plants and noxious weeds listed in legislation; and
    • Weeds growing through cracks in hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.
  • They can apply Domestic class pesticides for landscape purposes if they first obtain a Residential Applicator Certificate. Note that a pesticide licence is required to apply any commercial or restricted class pesticide for landscape purposes.

Note – municipal restrictions may apply. See the municipal bylaw table for more information and check with your municipality.

Notification for Tenants

A landlord with a Residential Applicator Certificate who plans to apply pesticides to outdoor landscaped areas must provide written notice to tenants.

Notification must provide information on:

  • Which pesticide will be used and where;
  • When the application will occur;
  • The target pest;
  • Contact information (including your Residential Applicator Certificate number) and
  • If there are any safety precautions to follow.