Fumigator Pesticide Applicator Certificate

There are four types of certification for fumigators:

Fumigation - CO2: For the use of use of carbon dioxide to treat grain or flour inside storage bins, silos, rail cars or elevators.

Fumigation - Container: For the use of fumigants to treat stored grain or commodities in shipping containers, rail cars or under tarps.

Fumigation - Ships & Structures: For the fumigation of ships, aircraft or buildings and the fumigation of bulk cargo in ships.

Fumigation - Soil: For the use of chloropicrin, dazomet, metam potassium, metam sodium, methyl bromide, and/or chloropicrin in a fumigation of soil.

Note: As of Septemeber 14, 2014, Health Canada requires label improvements that will affect the use of soil fumigants containing the active ingredients chloropicrin, dazomet, metam sodium and metam sodium.

To ensure that fumigations are performed safely, according to pesticide labels and current standards, the ministry now places conditions on fumigation certificates and pesticide licences.