Forestry Pesticide Applicator Certificate

Get certified in the following categories of forest management:

Forestry Management (General): Manage weeds, insects and diseases in forestry production, including weed control on forest range land (for pest management on privately owned and public forest land).

Forestry Non-Broadcast: Restricted to localized application of herbicides for forest management, including hack and squirt, injection, basal bark and stump treatments.

Forestry Seedling Nursery: Manage insect, weed and disease pests of seedling nurseries.

Forest Seed Cone Orchard: Manage insect, weed and disease pests of forest seed cone orchards.

Accepted Study Books

The same study kit is used for all four categories:

  • Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual British Columbia Edition: 2011
  • Canadian Pesticide Education Program Supplement Forestry Applicator Certification Manual: 2013