Agriculture Pesticide Applicator Certificate

Determine which exam and study materials you need based on the agriculture certification you require.

Agriculture - General

Certification for managing pests associated with agricultural production of field, orchard, nursery and greenhouse crops. This category is for custom applicators, private growers or farm workers.

A different certificate is used for landscapers growing their own ornamentals (Landscape General).

For this certification, applicants can choose to write one of the following exams:

  • Applicator - Agriculture - Field or Orchard Crops 
  • Applicator - Agriculture - Greenhouse

Accepted Study Books

  • Pesticide Applicator Course for Agricultural Producers - 2018 edition. The 2018 manual includes a pesticide storage warning sign, laundry poster, and emergency phone number stickers.
    • The 2005 edition may still be used for the certification exams, but you will need to review the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation Summary (PDF) for information on pesticide certificate and licence requirements, and Integrated Pest Management.
    • Older editions are not recommended. 

Agriculture - Restricted to the Use of Strychnine Bait for Gopher Control

Certification restricted to managing gophers using strychnine bait.

Accepted Study Books

  • Strychnine Gopher Baits Pesticide Certification Guide: March 2007