Aerial Pesticide Applicator Certificate

Get certified to apply pesticides from helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft to manage mosquitoes, vegetation along rights-of-way and pests associated with agricultural or forestry production.

There are two ways to obtain an aerial pesticide applicator certificate:

Option 1: Get approved training materials from one of the institutions listed below. Then arrange to write the B.C. aerial pesticide applicator exam by contacting Service BC at 1-866-205-2102 (within B.C.) or 250-344-3406 (in Golden or outside of B.C.).

Option 2: Pass the aerial pesticide application examination administered by an out-of-province college and then write a short exam on the B.C. Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation. A pilot who has a certificate from a province listed below and who obtains at least 75% on the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation exam will be issued a B.C. Aerial Pesticide Applicator Certificate valid for five years from the date the out-of-province aerial applicator certificate was issued. Study materials for this exam include:

Approved Study Materials and Exams

Required reading for the B.C. exams include:

The training materials and exams endorsed by the Canadian Aerial Applicator Association that are offered in other provinces are acceptable for certification in B.C.