Pesticide Certification & Training

Certification and/or training is required for anyone who:

Beginning July 1, 2016, this includes residents who wish to apply most pesticides on private landscapes, including lawns, flower beds, ornamental trees and plants.

Pesticides listed on Schedule 2 of the Integrated Pest Management Regulation do not require a certificate for application. Some specific training is needed in order to become certified as a pesticide applicator.

Categories of Certificates

There is a separate study kit and exam for each category.

Study and Prepare for the Exam

Get pesticide applicator and dispenser training through online study materials and/or courses offered by independent trainers.

Arrange to Write the Exam

When you are prepared to write the exam, review the certification examination instructions to move forward in being certified.


Recertification can be done in two ways:

  1. Rewrite the exam
  2. Collect continuing education credits (CECs) through an approved industry association

A certificate is valid for one or five years, after which an applicator must be recertified if they wish to continue applying or selling pesticides.