IPM Response to COVID-19

The B.C. Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change Strategy recognizes that the impacts of COVID-19 have affected many businesses as British Columbians follow the orders and directives issued by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) to protect public health.

Last updated: July 7, 2020

Integrated Pest Management Certificates

The PHO directives have affected many activities including the invigilation of exams as regulated under the Integrated Pest Management Act (IPMA). Recently, the PHO issued new directives that support shifting into BC’s Restart Plan.

Pesticide Applicator & Dispenser Certificate Exams

Candidates are able to take an exam through one of the following four standard arrangements:

  1. Individual Invigilation provided by Service BC staff at a Service BC designated examination location.
  2. Group invigilation provided by Service BC staff at an Offsite Location.
  3. Invigilation provided by a recognized Post-Secondary Institute.
  4. Invigilation provided by an invigilator that has been approved by the Ministry (“Approved Invigilator”).

Changes to Exam Invigilation

Please see below for changes to these options due to COVID-19.

Service BC locations currently offer individual exams for all categories:

  • Agriculture
  • Aerial
  • Dispenser
  • Forestry
  • Fumigation
  • Industrial Vegetation & Noxious Weed
  • Landscape
  • Mosquito
  • Structural

Note that individual landscape exams are now available.

Please contact 1-866-205-2102 within B.C. (or if in Golden or outside BC: 250-344-3406) to arrange a time to write the exam.

Group exams are currently not being offered by Service BC.

Staff are working to provide full service for exam invigilation as soon as possible.

Individuals can arrange to write the exam at a post-secondary institution.

Refer to the post-secondary institution section to find a contact near you. Note some institutions may have temporary closures due to COVID-19 safety measures.

Individuals can arrange to write the exam using our list of private invigilators.

Refer to the Trainers and Invigilators List to find a contact near you. Some private invigilators have expressed the ability to host exam sessions during this period. The cost for this service and access to exam writing locations will vary among providers.


Alternate Exam Options

If an exam in your desired category, such as landscape, is not being offered in-person at this time, you can consider the following online option:

Assistant Applicator Training

  • The Assistant Applicator training is available free of charge and should take about four hours to complete.
  • With this training, you may perform certain activities under the supervision of a certified applicator, until such time that you can take the pesticide applicator certification exam.

Excluded Pesticides

A licence nor a certificate is required if you are planning to only use a pesticide listed on Schedule 2 of the Integrated Pest Management Regulation which is excluded from certain requirements.

Recertification by Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Recertification by continuing education credits (CECs) remains available. 

Online presence at information sessions must be verified in order to offer industry association members Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for attendance and recertification. The ministry is working with industry associations to evaluate sessions where CECs may be offered.

Visit the Recertification page or contact your participating industry association for more information.


Authorization requirements remain in effect and it is expected that all reasonable measures should be taken to comply. 

  • Now is a good time to carefully review requirements and develop plans and contingencies to ensure operations are maintained in accordance with requirements for the foreseeable future

If an authorization holder encounters a non-compliance issue, the Ministry asks you to email ipmreporting@gov.bc.ca identifying compliance issues, rationale, and mitigative measures being taken.

  • The Ministry will take into consideration the consequences of Provincial Health Officer directives and guidance in addressing non-compliances

New Authorizations

The ministry is currently resourced to continue processing applications with little disruption. 

Certain activities associated with new authorizations, such as consultation or availability of professional consultants, may be impacted. Please be prepared to extend timelines and be responsive to current circumstances in consideration of these measures. For example, consider providing additional time for First Nations and stakeholders to respond. 

Licence Renewals

Licence renewal applications were due March 31, 2020. Please allow 30 days for your application to be processed.

To confirm that your licence has been renewed, you may search online at the BC Pesticides Licence Database. If you still need to submit your licence application or have any questions, please contact IPMPBC@gov.bc.ca

  • Reminder: Do not submit credit card payment by email. You will be contacted directly for payment information

Contacting the Ministry

The ministry currently has staffing resources in place to maintain all core business functions.

  • All electronic mailboxes and normal communication channels remain open and are being monitored regularly.
  • Authorization holders should contact the ministry through all the usual channels.
  • All meetings will be handled by phone or online.