Environmental Protection Regulatory Review

The following regulations and codes of practice are currently being reviewed under the Environmental Management Act (EMA):

The following regulation is being reviewed under the Integrated Pest Management Act (IPMA):

Regulatory Review Process

The development and review of codes of practice and regulations involves the following 5 phases:

  1. Scoping
  2. Preparation of Policy Intentions Paper
  3. Consultation on Policy Intentions
  4. Drafting
  5. Implementation

The flow chart (PDF) illustrates this development process and provides detail on each phase.

The government develops policy intentions papers for consultation that outline the proposed policy intent for new or amendments to existing codes of practice or regulations and forms the basis for consultation with stakeholders on the proposed policy approach. Interested parties review the paper posted on the government website and provide feedback within a 45-day consultation period. The policy intentions paper is a discussion document, with thepolicy to be finalized based on the feedback and further research.

Consultation Information for Codes of Practice and Regulations

During the consultation period, policy intentions papers and other information on development or review are posted on the specific code of practice or regulation web page. Click on the above listed regulation or code of practice being reviewed for more information on the specific regulation or code. 

A web-based approach has been adopted for consultation on the policy intentions papers. These papers describe the objectives, proposed contents of the code or regulation, aspects of particular concern for the protection of human health and the environment and other relevant information.

Each Policy Intentions Paper for Consultation will be posted on the website for 45 days. Comments on the policy intentions can be submitted by fax, e-mail, letter, or by completing the applicable web-based response form by the date specified on the web page or form for each code of practice or regulation. Consultation contact information, instructions and response forms are posted for each code of practice or regulation.

After the consultation period is complete, comments received during this period will be summarized and posted in a consultation summary report. In addition, after the Ministry reviews the consultation feedback, the finalized policy direction will provide a framework for drafting the new or amendments to the existing code of practice or regulation.

All comments received will be treated with confidentiality when compiling these consultation responses. However, comments you provide and information that identifies you as the source of those comments may be publicly available if a Freedom of Information request is made under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.