Natural Resources Mitigation Tools

British Columbia's government provides tools to help mitigate the effects of climate change in the forest sector.

Wood Product Carbon Calculator

This carbon calculator is a simple spreadsheet that determines the carbon footprint of your harvested wood products – logs, lumber, plywood or panels. In addition to the emission of carbon, you can see the storage of carbon in different products over time.

Simulation Model

The LANDIS-II (LANdscape DIsturbance & Succession) simulates forest succession, disturbance, climate change and seed dispersal across large landscapes. The spatially-explicit simulation model will help natural resource managers understand the effects of a changing environment on forests, including carbon dynamics and the availability of dead wood habitat.

Forest Carbon Succession v2.0 is an extension within the LANDIS-II family of models. It allows users to simulate forest succession, harvesting, planting and natural disturbances over time.

Carbon Budget Model

The Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS3) is a stand and landscape-level modelling framework. The CBM-CFS3 model is developed and maintained by Natural Resources Canada.

Forest Carbon Reports

The following forest carbon-related reports from Land Based Investment have received peer and technical reviews.