2002 Act - Guidance Documents Related to the Environmental Assessment Office

The following documents are relevant to projects undergoing an environmental assessment under the 2002 Act, and are provided to help proponents through the environmental assessment process, or those wishing to explore EAO policies and regulations in greater detail.

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  • Environmental Assessment Certificate Policy (PDF, 1.4MB) (2017) 
    The Environmental Assessment Certificate Policy (EAC Policy), explains EAO's approach to drafting conditions in environmental assessment certificates, amended certificates, and in orders issued under s. 10(1)(b) of the Environmental Assessment Act (i.e. exemption orders).

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Valued Components Guideline

The EAO's new policy document, Guideline for the Selection of Valued Components and Assessment of Potential Effects (PDF), presents best practices for the selection of valued components and the assessment of potential effects. It has been prepared to inform the understanding and application of appropriate, standardized methods for conducting environmental assessments to meet the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. It builds upon existing practices to improve the clarity, consistency, and overall quality of Applications for an Environmental Assessment Certificate prepared by proponents, as well as assessments prepared by EAO staff.