Public Engagement

Public Engagements supporting the development of Regulations and Policies can be found on the Public Engagement on Revitalization Implementation page

Between June 18th and July 30th, over 3,000 British Columbians provided feedback on proposed changes to B.C.'s environmental assessment process in 2 ways: 

1.     Provided feedback on the discussion paperA narrow banner of the discussion paper cover image

The Discussion Paper describes the proposed changes to B.C.’s Environmental Assessment process, and was written with input from First Nations, a newly formed Environmental Assessment Advisory Committee, industry and stakeholders.  The Discussion Paper (PDF, 5.5MB) was written to highlight the proposed changes in an easy to follow format, and some guiding questions throughout the paper helped readers gather their thoughts. A summary of the feedback we received on the proposed changes is available in the What We Heard Report.

2.     Completed the Engagement Surveyscreen shot of the first image of the engagement survey

It’s important to us that British Columbians understand the environmental assessment process, and that it’s easy to meaningfully engage throughout the process. This means information is easy to find, easy to understand, and that the Environmental Assessment Office makes information available in a way that works for all British Columbians. Results of the engagement survey are available in the What we Heard Report.

Read an open letter from Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman, on Environmental Assessment Revitalization and the importance of public feedback. 

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Want to learn even more about the proposed changes and how they were developed? Click on the links below to access the Discussion Paper, engagement reports, infographics, and more.