Guidelines for Formal Submissions on Regulations and Policies

During public engagement periods, it’s important to us that we also capture feedback from other EA participants: Industry, Indigenous groups, practitioners, NGOs, local governments and others.

Collecting feedback through surveys is a good way to receive lots of input from the public, and then analyse the information quickly and efficiently to ensure feedback can be integrated into policies and regulations with maximum impact. This isn’t a great way to collect feedback from organizations who have already done their own analysis, however, and we recognize the value of the expertise that organizations can bring to the policy and regulation development process.

We welcome formal submissions that:

  • Provide feedback on specific policies or regulations related to the revitalization of B.C.’s environmental assessment process
  • Contain feedback resulting from analysis

We would appreciate if you could encourage your organization’s supporters to take the engagement surveys and review the associated supporting material, so that we may appropriately capture their feedback. Surveys with a large number of responses have a higher potential of influencing policy decisions. If you intend to include individual comments from your supporters as part of your submission, they should be included as an appendix and act as reference material for the detailed analysis of those comments in your submission. We will not analyze individual comments included in formal submissions.

Comments, feedback or other submissions by individuals related to public engagements are not accepted through email to ensure:

  • Feedback is captured for the relevant engagement (as multiple engagements may occur at the same time)
  • Consent is given for all comments to be part of the public record
  • The privacy of those submitting feedback is maintained
  • Feedback is collected and analysed efficiently, so changes can be quickly and accurately implemented.

If your organization would like to provide feedback, please email your submission to during the public comment period timeframe. We are not able to consider submissions after the public comment period has closed.