Advisory Committee

The Environmental Assessment Advisory Committee was an independent forum that reviewed and made recommendations (PDF) on B.C.'s current environmental assessment process.

The Committee was co-chaired by Bruce Fraser, an ecologist by training and past chair of both the Forest Practices Board and the Taskforce on Species at Risk; and Lydia Hwitsum, former Chief of the Cowichan Tribes and Chair of the First Nations Health Authority board of directors. The Committee was comprised of a further 10 members from local government, industry, environmental non-governmental organizations, environmental law, impact assessors and planners, and provided an independent analysis of B.C.'s current environmental assessment process as well as opportunities for improvement.

Additional details on the Committee members can be found in the attached backgrounder at the end of this news release.

The Committee met ten times (over 75 hours) between March and April, 2018 and produced a report with 33 recommendations that seek to be workable for all parties in the EA process.