Industry and Climate Innovation in B.C.

B.C. businesses are working closely with government and communities to improve environmental protection and develop innovative technologies. These actions are helping reduce emissions at home, while giving B.C. industry a competitive edge as global demand for clean solutions increases.

Interested in learning more about industry innovation and provincial climate action? Here, you’ll find links to various climate programs by industry.

For more detailed information on sector-specific climate action initiatives, see climate action areas in B.C.


Climate action in the transportation sector focuses on supporting interconnected communities, the efficient movement of goods and people, and innovation in clean vehicles and fuels.

Communities & the Built Environment

From the way we construct buildings to the way we develop communities and manage our waste, our built environment is a significant area in which new innovations are demonstrating what a sustainable future could look like.

Industry & Utilities

The province is driving innovation in industry and utilities through the carbon tax, sector regulations, policies that encourage 100 percent clean or renewable electricity, and incentive programs like the ICE Fund and offset projects.

Natural Gas

The natural gas sector in B.C. continues to focus on reducing carbon intensity and switching to cleaner electricity in its production.

Forestry & Agriculture

Improved forest management is one of the most impactful ways we can mitigate climate change in B.C. In the agricultural sector, programs like the Nutrient Management Program are helping to reduce fertilizer use and GHG emissions.

Public Sector Leadership

Through commitments to carbon neutral government and low-impact infrastructure, British Columbia’s public sector is leading by example.