CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program

In 2018, B.C.’s $30 carbon tax rate was raised to $35, and it is set to increase by $5 every year until 2021.  As the price of carbon rises, the CleanBC Program for Industry will support competitiveness and facilitate emission reductions using revenues from the carbon tax that industry pays above $30 per tonne carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

The CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program (CIIP) is part of the CleanBC Program for Industry, which applies to large industrial operations that report their emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act (GGIRCA).

The CIIP helps cleaner industrial operations across the province by reducing carbon tax costs for facilities near world-leading emissions benchmarks. 

The timing described in the fact sheet is based on the annual greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting cycle for industrial operations, who are required to report the previous year’s emissions by May 31 of each calendar year.

Operators must submit a CIIP application form by June 30, 2019. As part of the application, information about the operation's energy use, emissions, and production is required.

Further information on the CIIP is available in this fact sheet.

There are separate application forms for the CIIP for different facility types that report under GGIRCA:

Guidance for Applying to the Program