Map View - Real-time Water Data Reporting

The map view is the default view. Here you can see site locations, parameter values, overlay maps, and access individual site data for review or download.

Map View

  1. Map Controls: use your mouse or the +- signs to zoom in and out on the map view. Select the mapsheet icon to change the basemap (satellite or street map). Press the home button to return to the map’s full extent.
  2. Data Context Selector: use the drop down menus at the top of the map to search for or select parameters. Select an interval (latest, daily, monthly, or yearly). Select the statistic of interest (the available statistics will change based on the parameter and the interval selected). The map view will now update with a pre determined legend and colour scheme. Data should appear in the circles if statistics are available.
  3. Map Options: use toggles on the map options to narrow down values of interest on the map view. e.g. timeseries versus field visit.
  4. Map Data: using your mouse, hover over a site for a brief overview, or click Location link or Data Set link to go to the full data set.
  5. Overlay Maps: display overlay maps to view sites in relation to other spatial features.
  6. Options Menu: use this menu to export data, refresh data, get a permalink and access the full user guide.



Map IconsMap Navigation

  1. Zoom in / zoom out using the + / - signs.
  2. Home icon takes you to the full extent
  3. Base map selector icone allows you to switch between base maps.