Location View - Real-time Water Data

Location View

The Location View allows you to search by site name or site id, and provides a detailed overview for an individual site. Here you can view or export data associated with a site of interest.

  1. Data Context Selectors: use this menu to change the location, interval, and date range displayed. You may select from the drop down list, or use the search bar.
  2. View Location on Map: press the Go To Map link to view the selected location spatially.
  3. Location Summary: review the metadata for the selected site.
  4. Export Data: export data from a pre-set time frame to CSV or export all data to CSV using the buttons in the location summary. To create a custom export, use the export tab located below the Data Context Selectors.
  5. Sort and Filter Columns: select the filter icon to narrow down data of interest. Clicking on a column header changes the sort order of the dataset.
  6. Options Menu: use this menu to export data, reset sort order, clear filters, refresh data, and access the full user guide.
  7. Go To: the Go To button displays the selected location on the map, summary, chart, grid, statistics, or export views.

By clicking on the Go To dropdown beside the dataset you can view the data, chart the data, export the data.

Location View - Go to example