List View - Real-time Water Data

List View Interface

The List View displays all data for a selected parameter in a grid (table) format. Here you can select the data, statistic, and interval of interest; sort and filter data; and export to a variety of formats.

  1. Data Context Selectors: use this menu to change the parameter, value, interval, and date range displayed. The available value will change based on the parameter and interval selected.
  2. Sort and Filter Columns: use the filter button to isolate sites of interest. Clicking on a column header changes the sort order of the data set.
  3. Go To: the Go To allows you to navigate to different views of the dataset.
  4. List Options: use toggles on the list options to narrow down values of interest on the list view. e.g. timeseries versus field visit.
  5. Options Menu: use the options menu to export data, reset sort orders, clear filters, refresh data, and access the full user guide.

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