Charts View - Real-time Water Data

The Charts view contains preconfigured charts for select locations, intervals, or data sets. From here, you may also create a custom chart.

  1. Display Preconfigured Chart: commonly accessed charts will be created in advance by a System Admin. Select an interval of interest, then view available charts for that interval.

The Chart View defaults to the last 7 days of data. You can change the interval, or Edit the Chart using the Chart Options.

Select Interval – allows you to view latest 7 days (default), Daily, Monthly, Yearly or chose Custom Dates

Select Interval - Daily

Seasonal Intervals allow you to display more than one year of data on the same chart (see screenshot below):

Seasonal Intervals

The Chart Options allow you to Edit the Chart, add text, add additional Data Sets or Statistics to your chart, or adjust colours and chart type.

1. Use the five tabs at the top of the Edit Chart interface to edit your chart

Edit Chart

2. Clicking the blue More button on the bottom right of Data Set tab allows you to alter colours, line types, widths,…etc. When you are finished, click the Less button. After completing the changes you want on your chart click the Preview button.

Edit Seasonal Intervals

3. By clicking on the options box on the top right of the chart, you can export the chart to PNG, PDF, or JPG formats.

Edit chart export

OPTION: Add Percentile Bands to your chart by clicking the checkbox in the Chart Overlays.

Percentile Bands

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