Well Records & Registration

A well record contains details of the construction, alteration, or decommissioning of a well; information about lithology encountered during drilling; and the water bearing characteristics of the aquifer.

Well records are kept in the WELLS database. Well records help to:

  • Inform drillers of local drilling conditions when developing new water supplies
  • Indicate types of water use
  • Verify the water supply during property transactions
  • Inform environmental and hydrogeological assessments.

Property Owners

Your well record may not be in the WELLS database. This is because until 2016, it was voluntary for well drillers to submit most types of well reports.

If you do not have a well record, and you use your well for domestic or household purposes (e.g. for a private dwelling; water for pets; water for irrigating a garden), we recommend that you register your well to create a well record. Registering your well creates a record of your water use, which helps to ensure that your use is considered in decisions for new authorizations and during times of water scarcity.  Complete a Well Registration Form and email it to Groundwater@gov.bc.ca or mail to the address provided.

If your groundwater use is not considered domestic as defined in Section 2 of the Water Sustainability Act (WSA), you must apply for a water licence as of February 29, 2016. When you apply for a licence for your existing groundwater use, a well record will be created for you.

Well Drillers

The Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR) and Section 57 of the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) set out the requirements for submitting Construction, Alteration and Decommissioning reports for various types of wells.

Submit a well report

As a well driller, you can submit the Construction, Alteration and Decommissioning Report through eWELLS, or by mail.

Well Records Search

You may wish to search for a well record for a number of reasons, including:

  • You are a contractor and you want information about a well you are servicing
  • You are a well driller and you want to understand what wells are in the area, and common well depths and yields in the area, before drilling a new well
  • You are considering purchasing property and want to know if water sources exist on the property or in the area
  • You are a property owner and you wish to know if your well has been registered in the WELLS database

Search for a well record in the WELLS Database