Plan & Construct Your Well

Constructing a water well provides you with access to an essential need. The Ministry of Environment strongly encourages you to plan and prepare before having your well drilled.

Carefully consider who you will hire to perform the work, and check their qualifications. Qualified professionals can give you the best chance of finding water to supply your home, and will construct a well that complies with provincial regulations to protect the groundwater supply.

Planning Your Well

Well drilling is often carried out without any formal agreement on service, especially for domestic water supply wells. However, to avoid disagreements or misunderstandings that can arise when problems occur during drilling, the Ministry of Environment recommends that you plan carefully, hire only a registered well driller and consider having a contract.

Estimate your water needs

A water calculator can help you estimate how much water you may need from your well. Your well driller needs to know how much water you need before constructing your well.

Research water restrictions and authorizations

Visit the Water Allocation Restrictions page or contact staff at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) in your region to find out if any water restrictions exist, and to discuss ways to minimize the impact of your well on other groundwater users.

Hiring a Well Driller

Drilling a well is a restricted activity in B.C., and in most cases may only be performed by a well driller who is registered with the province. A registered well driller will build a well that complies with the regulations and gives you the best chance of finding water to develop your well and supply your home. Registered well drillers are best able to address any problems that may occur during drilling.

Communicate with your well driller

Despite the best planning, it is common to run into issues during drilling which can significantly raise the cost of the work, including encountering flowing artesian conditions, or drilling and finding no water. Talk to your well driller about potential problems that may arise and discuss how problems will be solved. You may wish to document the services and your agreement in a contract to help the job go smoothly and minimize conflict.